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Adult Services

  • Adult Case Management Program

    Stark County TASC conducts over 700 assessments and provides case management for approximately 500 adult clients a year.  TASC receives referrals from three municipal courts in Stark County, the Adult Parole and Probation Authority, local community correction facilities, and attorneys.  TASC services assist our clients so that they might transition beyond their involvement in criminal justices systems and into health and self-sufficiency in the community by addressing their basic living needs (housing, employment, education) and completing the recommended or available counseling services. TASC will manage our client’s access to treatment, monitor and encourage their compliance while in treatment, assist in linkages with community support for basic living needs, and assist in providing or linking the individuals to continuing recovery support services.
  • Polaris Project

Stark County TASC Provides Care Coordination Services to individuals referred, interested, and accepted into the mental health docket for the Canton Municipal Court.   TASC interacts with the treating mental health care providers in monitoring the clients’ follow through with services.  We advocate for the client to ensure they receive the appropriate level of care and provide information to the Judge and the local Criminal Justice representatives on the clients’ movement with their treatment plan.

  • Transition Program

  • The Transition Program serves individuals, ages 18-25 with mental health and/or substance use disorders that are incarcerated in the Stark County Jail, utilizing the Transition to Independence Process model of services. Individuals are connected with the Transition Facilitator who conducts a strengths based assessment of the young person’s life then works with the client while incarcerated to help facilitate a smooth plan to the community that accounts for service needs and insures that the client follows through with any legal commitments he/she may have.   In a similar fashion, the Facilitator also works with individuals released from prison and returning to Stark County through the Community Linkage Program to ensure that people with ongoing mental health needs will be outreached and connected to the appropriate service.

  • The SOS/Quick Response Team
  • The SOS and Quick Response Team are part of a Quick Response program that provides outreach services to individuals who have recently overdosed on opioids which is developed with community partners to serve all of Stark County.  The program consists of a team that include a law enforcement officer from either the Canton Police Department or the Stark County Sheriff Department and a nurse from the Crisis Intervention.  The team visits individuals who have overdosed anywhere in Stark County. The team offers to connect overdose victims with recovery services and, if accepted, needs are assessed and linkage is completed, including transportation to service provider if indicated.  

  • Peer Recovery Support

Peer Recovery Support Specialists are people who have progressed in their own recovery from alcohol and other drug abuse and mental disorder and are willing to self-identify as a peer and work to assist other individuals in entering and sustaining recovery. Because of their life experience, these individuals have expertise that professional training cannot replicate. Stark County TASC Care Managers identify those interested people who we serve that could benefit from the Peer Recovery Support Specialists and make the linkage.   The service provided is a set of non-clinical, peer-based activities designed to engage, educate and support an individual successfully to make the life changes necessary to recover from disabling substance use disorder and/or mental illness conditions. A key element contributing to the value of this service is that Peer Recovery Support Specialists highlight their personal experience of lived experience of recovery.

  • SOaRS Program

The SOaRS Program is Crisis/Urgent intervention program for those that are in active addition.  We currently have a mobile team of four Certified Peer supporters who rapidly respond to those that are in immediate crisis related to their Substance Abuse Disorder.  We place the highest level of integrity, individualized care, privacy, security, and broad knowledge of resources to get each client to the next level of care.  A team member is brought in when people present to the four local emergency departments within Stark County.  Our team works with the individual to assure the receive the proper care and treatment following their stay in the hospital.