Providing The Oppurtunity For A Second Chance

About Stark County TASC

Stark County TASC, Inc. assists individuals who have a significant history of involvement with the criminal justice system and difficulty following through with past treatment referrals and recommendations due to personal and/or systemic barriers. TASC services assist these people to transition beyond their involvement in criminal justices systems and into health and self-sufficiency in the community by addressing their basic living needs (housing, employment, education) and completing the recommended or available counseling services. TASC will manage our client’s access to treatment, monitor and encourage their compliance while in treatment, assist in linkages with community support for basic living needs, and assist in providing or linking the individuals to continuing recovery support services. Stark County TASC serves as a link between the criminal justice system and community-based services, informing the courts of the individual’s compliance with court orders regarding treatment. As TASC monitors the individual’s progress through multiple organizations we can provide the court with an individual point of contact to receive information about the individual’s progress that saves both the court and agencies costly time.

Mission Statement

To strengthen our community's resources so that the cycle of criminal activities associated with substance abuse and mental health issues can be broken.

Vision Statement

To be a driving force and advocate for a society where those who are in need receive what they need so that we all have healthy lives and a safer community.