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Youth Services

  • Youth Re-entry Program

    Stark County TASC conducts over 100 assessments and provides case management services for over 75 youth a year.  We receive referrals from the Akron Region of the Ohio Department of Youth Services and the Stark County Family Court.  Assessments can be conducted at the homes of potential clients as well as correctional facilities.  Youth who are involved with TASC services receive intensive monitoring and assistance and show higher rates of treatment success and a lower rate of re-arrests than those without our services.
  •  Family and Youth Together (FYT) - an Intensive Home-based Therapy. 

FYT works with families with youth involved in the justice system, at risk of out-of-home placement, suffering from mental illness and substance use disorders.  Through participation in FYT, families experience a decrease in comflicts.  The have connection to the community and identify additional supports.  The youth have more success in their home, school, and community, which significantly decrease their risk for palcement outside of their home.