Providing The Oppurtunity For A Second Chance

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Outcomes to Monitor - SFY2020        
Area Measurement Bench Mark Method Responsible Party(ies) Outcome for SFY 2020 - Year end
Effectiveness of Service Percent of clients not arrested one year post Successful TASC discharge - Adult Client 70% Research CJIS web site for clients discharged at least one year prior Executive Director or designee 85% not arrested one year post successful discharge
  Sober at discharge - Youth and Adult  Youth 45%      Adult 60% Based on UDS and report.  Staff will document on discharge and reports will be developed Executive Director 80% Adult     27% Youth
  No arrests while engaged at TASC - Youth and Adults Youth 70%        Adult 85% Based on report and CJIS. Staff will document on discharge and reports will be developed Executive Director 92% Adult    85%  Youth
  People served will work with skilled, experienced employees of Stark County TASC  staff average 5 years of experience with Stark County TASC, Inc . Administration will monitor the average length of employment of Stark County TASC staff members.  Executive Director Average length of employment at TASC:  5.06 years.
  People we serve will receive a therapeutic amount of services during episode at TASC. 9 hours per quarter on average Ave. number of services delivered to clients per month/ ave. amount of time of each treatment episode. Executive Director/Clinical Director 4.67 average per 3 month Period
Efficency of Service Timely documentation of clinical charting will be completed  by the next business day Measure the time between session and completion/billing of documentation in electronic health record system. Clinical Director/Billing Specialist Average number of days 3.06
  Percent of Direct Service Costs (salaries and benefits of service providers) to total budget 55% Compare the actual expense of Direct Service Costs to the actual total expense for the year. Executive Director and Financial Coordinator 57%
Access of Service Days between Assessment and next appointment Ave. of 7 days Reports from NextGen Executive Director 56% of clients who continued services were seen withing 7 calendar days
Satisfaction of Services Set acceptable average score on surveys - Adult and youth/family Clients Clients - ave. score >/= 3.5  on five point scale;  Client surveys are taken monthly through random selection.   Record Specialist and Executive Director 98% of all questions rated in the 4 -5 range on a 5 point scale .  96% were scored as 5.
  Set acceptable average score on surveys from partners - justice and service providers CJ and agencies ave. score of OFTEN 75% of time Partners surveys are distributed annually Record Specialist and Executive Director Not conducted this year.